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Animals are our best friends, loving family members and wonderful contributions to our community, and many of us find solace in memorials. As such, we'd like to extend the opportunity to contribute your own pet's unique memorial to our website.

Please email your comments, stories, quotes, and/or pictures to [email protected] and we will post a memorial for you.

* Please note that we may edit or alter your entries to fit our format. All pictures submitted may not be posted. We may also post your memorial on our Facebook page. Please inform us if you'd prefer we didn't. Thank you. *

A Piece of my Heart…

I said goodbye to my best friend Lilly, in May. She had been my constant companion for 13 years and I miss her so much. We adopted her from a rescue when she was about 4 months old and from the moment she came home with us it was clear she was mine. Don’t get me wrong, she loved everyone in our family. But me – she would do anything for.

On the rare occasion she could not go with me she would lie in the driveway, staring out at the road, waiting for me to come home. She did that for hours on end. She would come to the barn with me and lie in the middle of the arena, watching me ride around and around. She ran through the woods with me, reminding me of how much fun life could really be as she gleefully ran circles in every puddle. If she could speak she would have been yelling “yippee”!

Lilly was 13 when she died – not young for a dog. But she was a young 13! She was still chasing rabbits and running through the woods! Despite her normal behavior she had cancer. It was discovered suddenly when she had a seizure. The cancer had already spread by the time it was detected so there were no good treatment options. I felt so cheated, so angry that she would be taken from me before her time. It just wasn’t fair.

Once I came to grips with the inevitable I realized how lucky I was. I knew it was only a matter of time before she passed away. I was pretty sure I knew how it would go and I was ok with that. We made the best of every single day, understanding that each new day was a gift.

Lilly died 3 weeks after her diagnosis. She died peacefully in my arms as my heart was breaking. I will miss her forever.

Upon hearing of her death, my brother sent me a quote. It helped me. For those out there who have lost a special dog, I hope it helps you too.

“It came to me that every time I lose a dog, they take a piece of my heart with them. Yet, every new dog who comes into my life gifts me with a piece of their heart. If I live long enough, all the components of my heart will be dog, and I will become as generous and loving as they are."

- Dr. Bytwerk

"Chino" Owned by the Anderson Family

Chino was born on September 30, 2013. Soon, he had developed a liver shunt illness but that didn't stop him from having an enjoyable life. He was strong and a fighter and fought through this illness. He was very playful, loved to be cuddled in your arms and sleep, and he loved playing with his sisters and mom. Chino's favorite thing to eat was chicken. He was a very good dog.

He passed away on April 21, 2015. Chino will always be remembered by his loving family.

"Cookie" Owned by Mike Wittek

"A gift was given to me on October,18 2008, my girl. Her name is Cookie. She was not in my life long enough. Cookie left this earth on February,14 2014. I don’t know about the first part of her life, because she was a foster dog, from Pound Buddies. I already had Benny and Tico, and was not looking for a 3rd dog, but something told me to give her a home. I’m glad I listened.

Cookie, Benny, and, Tico, brought a lot of things into my life. More expenses, more work, and sorrow when Cookie and Tico left this earth. They also brought happiness, loyalty, joy, laughter, peace, and some good entertainment. These things far outweighed the expenses, work, and sorrow. I’m honored to be allowed into Cookie, Tico, and Benny’s pack. I hope I have another gift coming my way. I hope it is that, someday, I will be with Cookie, Tico, Benny, and all the other animals that have been in my life."

Cookie and Tico R.I.P.

"Tico" Owned by Mike Wittek

Tico came into my life on April 30 2008, along with Benny. Tico and Benny are adopted dogs. His friend, Cookie, was adopted on October 18 2008. Together they became the 3 Amigos, with occasional disagreements. He left this earth on January 8 2015. His age, for sure is unknown, but I think he was between 11 and 12 years old. His favorite activities were, eating ice cream, dog treats, barking at wild turkeys he saw out the slider window, walks outside on the leash, and sleeping. Tico along with, Cookie and Benny, are members of The Best Chihuahuas of America Club. He was proceeded in death by Cookie. She passed on February 14 2014. She also liked, eating ice cream, but not to much, begging for dog treats, snooping in the back yard, walks, and sleeping. Cookie is a sassy red head. Tico is survived by his friend, Benny, and dad, Mike. Tico and Cookie are missed and loved very much. Tico R.I.P.

If you would like to contribute to Tico's memory, please go to here to share.

"Benny" Owned by Mike Wittek

On June 3 2016, the pack at the Rainbow Bridge, got one dog larger. My friend, Benny lost his fight with kidney disease. They said, he would not be in pain, I hope that it was true. It was tough to see him go down hill. He payed the ultimate price, he lost his life. I’m very sad that it happened, but very happy he is not suffering in any way. Benny is back with his amigos, Cookie, and Tico. The three of them, are a classy act, all different, but they fit together perfectly. Most of the time. They required a lot of work. I wish I was still doing the work. I was given three great gifts, now that their not on this earth, I really understand how great a gift they are. When I get to the bridge, not only will Benny, Cookie, and Tico be waiting for me, there will be the other dogs that have been in my life. I have an appreciation, that grows larger every day for all of them. Benny I miss and love you. Tell the rest of the pack, I’m on my way. Benny, Cookie, and Tico R.I.P.

In loving memory of "Sasha". Owned by Tammey and Forrest Brown.

The Brown's enjoyed the wonderful loyalty and love of this amazing dog for 13 years. She was the best friend man could ever find. RIP dear Sasha. You will never be forgotten. Your memory will be held in the hearts of many people.



In loving memory of our beloved clinic cat here at Haven Animal Hospital. She was our 3 legged beauty. So tiny, but full of life and love for everyone. She shared 20 beautiful years with us and she will be truly missed. Goodbye our dear friend.



Austin joined the staff of Haven Animal Hospital in March of 2007 as a stray cat. Our dear friend quietly passed away this summer and will always having a warm loving place in our hearts. RIP our dear fellow.

"Vito" Companion of the Sachteleben Family

Saying goodbye to you, Vito, was certainly a challenge but the happiness you gave me will last a lifetime. Thank you for the relaxing afternoons spent in the sunshine on the grass. Thank you for sticking by my side through the late college nights while I finished my homework and for doing your best to shred - I mean organize - my papers for me. Thank you for joining me in carrot and parsley snacks. You were not too keen on sharing but you did anyways. I appreciated all the nudges you gave me and the naps that we shared. Thank you for trusting me and being such a gentle soul. You are remembered and, believe me, never forgotten. 

When to Consider Euthanasia?

Having an ill or senior pet is a very difficult and emotional period in a pet owner's life. Decisions are not always easy or straightforward. There are many things to consider when it comes to their care, treatment and quality of life. What to expect and being prepared makes the entire situation more bearable. Grieving the loss of your pet is not something we think about, but is a harsh reality when we are going through it. Please read through the articles below and visit the link to Timeless Pets, a great resource for pet owners dealing with end of life decisions.

When to Consider Euthanasia for Your Dog or Cat

When Is The Right Time to Say Goodbye?

Clock Timeless Pets - Muskegon

If you are interested in making a donation in memory of a lost pet or to benefit other pets in crisis or need please consider one of these resources.

Healing Hearts Fund- this fund was established by Dr. Bytwerk to assist pets and neighbors here in the tri-city community. We use these resources to provide medical care and assistance for community emergencies, lost or stray animals and those dire moments when a pet is in need of immediate financial hope. Please contact Jennefer (Director of Administration) or Dr. Bytwerk (Owner and Veterinarian) to make a donation. * We will inform you as soon as this fund is completed.

AVMA Pet Memorial and Tribute Program AVMA is a non-profit organization built to provide education, financial funds and support for animals and animal lovers. Their contribution over the years has been phenomenal. The American Veterinary Medical association accepts donations in memory of our beloved pets. Please consider donating as a special gift for a friend or family member grieving over a recent loss, your own pet or simply to contribute to the well being of other animals benefiting from this organization.

Please contact or 1-800-248-2862 for additional information and donating online.

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