Surgical And Anesthetic Care

Haven Animal Hospital takes pride our patient care, anesthetic monitoring and surgical and oral health expertise. Only the most sterile techniques and modern equipment are used to ensure the safety and well being of your pet.

Pet health - each pet is examined prior to surgical or any anesthetic procedure. Blood work is recommended and often required on each patient to make sure we are aware of the ENTIRE health of your pet, especially the areas we cannot see! Healthy organ function, hydration and heartworm and tick disease conditions are very important things to know prior to anesthesia.

Anesthesia - most surgical and anesthetic procedures require some type of sedation or anesthesia. We use only the safest methods. Heart and respiratory monitors record your pet's vitals during the entire procedure. Our veterinary assistants and licensed technicians physically monitor and attend your pet while the doctor performs the surgery.

Surgical suite - a sterile and clean environment is maintained at all times. All surgical equipment is sterilized with our in-house autoclave. Surgical gloves, gowns and caps are required for all personnel assisting with surgery. Heating blankets and cushions line our surgical table to provide comfort and maintain proper body temperature during all procedures.

Recovery - we want to make sure every patient wakes up in a comfortable, warm and quiet environment. Each pet receives their own personal space, cage or run as well as blankets and constant monitoring from our experienced technical staff. Lots of love, attention and soothing comes with every procedure. Post-operative laser treatments are also available to help increase their comfort and allow for a quicker recovery (see Our Services page for details on laser therapy).

Discharge - you will receive updates on how your dog or cat is doing through out the day. Phone calls from our staff will be arranged with you. Nearly all our patients are scheduled to go home the same day of their anesthetic procedure, oral treatment or surgery. You will have a scheduled appointment to pick up your pet and speak one on one with your technician regarding aftercare and discharge instructions. And don't worry, remembering all those instructions will be easy. You will go home with a written copy. At Haven Animal Hospital we call every client the next day to make sure their pet is doing well and no additional concerns have arisen.

Any questions? Please give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you.

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  • "What amazing caring group! They turkey went above and beyond to keep me calm and treat my dogs medical needs. So thankful for these people."
    Shannon K.

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