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We all love cats! Who couldn't. This special page is just for our feline friends and their owners. Here you will find all sorts of fun and interesting facts, education materials and links to fantastic feline health resources. Have fun and learn lots. If you have any questions about your cats health care needs please give us a call. We look forward to seeing you. Look below for awesome videos on cool cat "Tips" and "How To's".

Let Us Celebrate Your Senior Feline!

Is your cat 7 years of age or older? Preventative care and routine screening of your cat's health is vital in these golden years to keep them living long, healthy and most of all, comfortably. Exams and blood work every 6 months will provide your veterinarian with the information they need to detect diseases early, treat before pain or severe deterioration occurs and help reduce medical costs.

Frequent disease and conditions that affect our feline friends are kidney disease, hyperthyroidism, diabetes, dental disease and arthritis. With routine care and monitoring, these conditions can be very well maintained and even reversed, providing many more happy years with your pet.

Has your cat been to the vet recently?

Studies show that cats out number dogs by 8 million! And yet less then 60% are seen on a regular basis, many never having been to a veterinarian at all. Cats need health care and wellness exams as much as your dog does. Cats are actually very sensitive creatures and often need specialized care to treat them and prevent medical problems. Cats are also very quiet about their illnesses and don't want you to know they are not feeling well until they are severely ill, making the situation only more traumatic for your cat and your pocket book! So please, schedule your cat to be examined once yearly. And if you have a cat over 8 years of age they should be seen every 6 months. Senior cats are more susceptible to viruses and illness as well as suffer from common conditions such as dental disease, arthritis, thyroid dysfunction and more. Don'y let your pet suffer through their old age. Bring them to your veterinarian and let's see what can be done to keep them happy and health for many years to come!

Need help getting your cat to the vet? He or she is probably not to thrilled about traveling, especially in that scary cat carrier. Check out "Cats and Carriers: Friends not Foes" for a few pointers next time you need to box up your kitty cat!


Is your cat protected? Fleas, intestinal parasites and heartworm disease are much more common in our cats then people think. Even your indoor cat is exposed and could be at risk. If you have any questions or would like to make sure your cat is protected, please call us at 616-847-7387.


Check Out the CATalyst Council at catalystcouncil.org for more information on your feline friends.

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