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Grooming Tips From Katelyn

From The Mind Of Katelyn...

Hi, my name is Katelyn. I am a Veterinary Assistant here at Haven Animal Hospital. However, I recently attended Animal Behavior College and got my certification in Pet Grooming.

The benefits of brushing your pet was the section of the program that hit me most. Let’s be honest, the task itself isn’t all that enjoyable. Before grooming school, I maybe brushed my dogs once a month. Now, I brush them multiple times a week. Here’s why.

Mats? Mats are awful. Is this the reason why we hate brushing our pets? Maybe? Most people think that mats can be taken care of by a groomer. Wrong. Groomers are not fully responsible for ridding your pet of mats. However, they do play a small role. We as pet owners are responsible for the uptake of our pet’s coat between grooming appointments. Mats and tangles tug at your pet’s skin, how uncomfortable! Mat removal doesn’t feel any better. Pets with more than two mats are to be shaved down because mat removal is so painful. Think about having your hair being pulled at, over and over and over. No thanks, right? Now let’s see why it’s so important we brush our pets:

  • Familiarizes our pets to the grooming process.
  • Creates a bond, which helps our pets with emotional and social development.
  • Allows the oils in the coat to distribute through the body, making the coat shine.
  • Comfort and air circulation to the skin - remember mats and tangles are uncomfortable. Helps rid the coat of dirt, debris, and hair. Helps with shedding guys.
  • Stimulation of nerves- new cell regeneration and hair growth.
  • Improved appearance noticed by other pet owners.

 Tip- Start brushing your pet 1 time a week. Then work your way up to 2 times a week. Let me know how it goes.

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