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Not Your Average Vows

You know that feeling when everyone around you is laughing and you’re not sure why? You start to wonder if it’s about you. Did I mispronounce something? Is there toilet paper on my shoe? Well, this is exactly what happened to me on my wedding day. Let me start from the beginning…

I met my now husband soon after I graduated high school. We had a lot in common, mostly our love for animals. Specifically, cats. When we moved in together, I brought along my beloved cat Cookie. We always considered ourselves avid cat people. That was until we got Sweets.

Sweets was a 3 year old, spunky little toy poodle-mix who demanded our constant attention. It wasn’t long before our day-to-day lives revolved around her. Our days consisted of taking her on hikes, and long cruises with her doggles on. We got so much joy watching her explore and do everything that we did. If she couldn’t come, we wouldn’t go. WE WERE THOSE PEOPLE. It wasn’t just a cute phrase on a t-shirt for us, this was how we lived. 

So, it would be no surprise that Sweets would be at our wedding too. In fact, I had an entire Pinterest board for her part in our wedding, complete with a “best dog” shirt. However, in the stress of the wedding planning, the idea was lost in the hustle and bustle.

Casey and I were married on a family farm. It was a beautiful sunny day with a cool breeze. I remember walking out to the wooden arch my Dad had made. I was so focused on not tripping and making sure I smiled, that I did not notice Sweets at my side. It wasn’t until I saw the photographs that I realized she walked me down the aisle and stayed with me through the vows…well most of them.

We were about midway through the vows, and I was so nervous. I think Casey and I were both thinking about making a grand escape. We weren’t used to all eyes on us, and it was getting pretty nerve-wracking.  It was in that moment that everyone around us began to slowly break out into laughter. Casey and I had no idea what was so funny. We looked at the officiant for a clue, but she was just as confused as us. The groomsmen were practically rolling in laughter. Still unsure of what was going on I let out a nervous laugh, and tried to sneak a look at my Maid-of-honor in hopes she would know what was so funny. Instead, I followed her eyes to what was going behind the alter…

Approximately 10 feet behind the officiant, was my little spunky, ill-timed dog, Sweets pooping. To make things worse, she was having a little issue getting it all out. So she was doing more of a squatting walk past the alter towards the groomsmen. Of course it would be stuck and she was dragging it behind, doing butt scoots and hopping about in hopes of getting it unattached. Which, eventually she did (proud dog-mom moment).

Although Sweets’ role in our wedding was a bit dramatic, I do credit her for getting us through our wedding with a much needed comic relief. She was the perfect unplanned addition to our little wedding on the farm.

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