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Oral health affects your dog and cat's entire body. Good oral hygiene and preventative care will lengthen your pet's life as well as provide a comfortable, pain free and odor free lifestyle for you both!

Here are some great pictures of dog's with significant tartar and gingivitis. This is how healthy and beautiful they look after their oral treatment. Don't you want your dog o cat to have a beautiful smile as well and a healthy mouth? Please call us for an oral assessment today. We can help!


                             Beamer's teeth before treatment                                                Beamer's teeth after treatment


                       Coco's teeth before treatment                                                     Coco's teeth after treatment


                         Lola's teeth before treatment                                                        Lola's teeth after treatment

For more before and after pictures please visit our 
Facebook page by clicking the icon below!

Treats and home care

You may have wondered what the healthiest and safest method is for cleaning your pet's teeth and providing a healthy snack. Brushing their teeth with a veterinary approved tooth brush and paste is your best and first choice. This will remove the bacteria and accumulating tartar quite effectively, especially if brushing daily. Hard, crunchy snacks or specific dental treats are recommended. All products should be purchased through your veterinarian or make sure it is a product of the Unites States. Certain dog and cat snacks can cause vomiting and diarrhea when shipped from other countries. Watch your pet closely when they are playing or chewing that they do not swallow the entire object or a large portion of it. Especially a new product. Their eagerness to eat it can get them into trouble. Other oral care options are water additives and sealants. Ask our veterinarians for the best recommendations for your family friend.

Click here for instruction on brushing your pet's teeth and Click here for a fun video demonstration! 

Comprehensive Oral Health Care and Assessments

All of our patient's receive state of the art anesthesia, monitoring and personal TLC through out every treatment. Each procedure includes full mouth x-rays, complete dental charting, scaling, polishing, as well as gingival probing and assessment. Oral surgery is required as x-rays indicate. Our x-ray technology allows us to assess what's going on below the gum line, where so much disease goes undiagnosed, untreated and causing  pain, infection and destruction of the surrounding bone and neighboring teeth. What could be going on in your pet's mouth. This is a good question, as our pet's do not often show symptoms until the disease is well advanced. First signs of infection and disease will be odor. The typical "dog or cat breathe" is not "normal". Our pet's mouth shouldn't smell bad. It's the bacteria and infection in their mouths that smell. Please schedule an appointment today for a comprehensive oral examination. We will provide you with a full report on your pet's oral condition.(x-ray pictures soon to follow).

Please visit the Veterinary Oral Health Council at http://www.vohc.org/ for additional information on good oral health for your dog and cat.

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by Courtney Reynolds on 01/10/2017
Review for Haven Animal Hospital
Everyone is always so nice, and this is the only vet I've been to that has actually helped diagnose my cat properly. Plus affordable! Love you guys :)


by Lauren Dawes on 12/24/2016

Review for Tech

Always friendly, gentle with my nervous pup!

by Angie Yetzke on 12/20/2016
Review for Dr. Barbara Bytwerk
We had an excellent experience at the Haven Animal Hospital. Dr. Bytwerk is knowledgeable, patient and genuinely caring. Staff is helpful and friendly. Facility is clean and easy to get to. Highly recommended.

by Jessica Carey on 11/04/2016
Review for Haven Animal Hospital
You guys are always amazing! Super friendly, and sweet to all animals. You are my vet for life :)



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